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Student Grade Dissecting Microscope - MicroscopeHub

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Student Grade Dissecting Microscope

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  • The Luxeo 2S encompasses all the performance benefits of a university-level microscope into a highly affordable and durable middle and high school solution.
  • The Luxeo 2S is super bright and white light which emitted diode (LED) illumination system, superb optics, and a single-cast durable construction.
  • This stereo microscope is the perfect microscope for student use.

    Luxeo 2S Advantages
    1. The +/- 30 degree LED ring light will allow the user to reduce the surface glare from reflective topographies for true LED Oblique Illumination.
    2. To ensure accurate color reproduction, excellent depth focus and superior resolution the Luxeo 2S has Hi-precision plan optics and superior coating.
    3. Responsive focus and mag-change knobs allow for stress-free operation with minimal wear and tear to gears, all of which are made of high-strength steels.

    1. integrated stand with LED technology for transmitted and incident illumination
    2. 2 position turret for either 10X&30X magnification or 20X&40X magnification
    3. Compact platform for easy storage.
  • Focussing Eyepieces: True
  • Compact Base: True
  • Installation Guide
    Cord Wrap N/A
    Dust Cover Included
    Eyepieces 10x integrated
    Illuminator LED Illuminator
    Lamp Life 25,000 hrs