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LxPOL Advanced Student or Instructor Grade Polarizing Microscope

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  • The highly streamlined Lx POL polarizing microscope delivers reliability and comfort through precision opto-mechanical engineering.
  • Tight design tolerances with the SF (strain-free) optical series produce near-zero optical impurity interference. Careful attention to the sub-stage polarized extinction disc and individually center able objectives yield a highly controlled light path with respect to stage orientation, and ultimately a sharp contrast image.
  • The Lx POL polarizing microscope comes equipped with LABOMED MaxLite™ coated optics, a sputtered hard coating technology that delivers a research grade of anti-reflective and scratch resistant properties.
  • For precise conoscopic imaging, an integrated analyzer/Bertrand lens module provides individual flip-in/flip-out of the analyzer and Bertrand lens, with a conveniently located focusing dial. Centration of the Bertrand lens is achieved through easy-access front mounted centering screws. A large circular stage with two locking brakes is provided, delivering a smooth 360 degrees of rotation.
  • An optional 100x objective further complements the SF series of strain-free optics, ensuring no optical impurities interfere with polarized light. A fixed verticality crosshair is a standard feature, maintaining its orientation as IPD is adjusted.
  • Two compensator plate slots and two centering tool slots are located onboard the analyzer/Bertrand lens module to prevent unwanted loss of accessories. The microscope comes equipped with ?, 1/4 ?, and Quartz-Wedge plates.
  • Optional Trinocular and Digital Camera Versions available - Please Contact Us
  • Installation Guide
    Achromat Objectives 4x, 10x, 40x
    Dust Cover Included
    Eyepieces 10x
    Head Style Binocular
    Illuminator LED
    Lamp Life 100,000 hours
    Stand RH Stand
    X/Y Stage Rotating POL Stage