Diagonal View of Leica EZ4 -Student Microscope MicroscopeHub
Back View of Leica EZ4 -Student Microscope MicroscopeHub
Side View of Leica EZ4 -Student Microscope MicroscopeHub
Side View of Leica EZ4 -Student Microscope MicroscopeHub

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Leica EZ4 - Entry-Level Student Microscope

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EZ4 Advantages
  • The Leica EZ4 is an Entry-Level Student Microscope. EZ4 is a educational entry level stereo microscope suitable for university and college courses in biology, anatomy, geology, and chemistry.
  • This Student Microscope provides LED illumination system which will provide more than 20 years of operation without a bulb change, saving time and the cost of replacement bulbs.
  • Includes integrated stand with LED technology for transmitted and incident illumination (7-way), choice of continuous zoom from 8X to 35X or 13X to 56X magnification, compact platform for easy storage, Ag treat to minimize mold growth and bacterial transfer, and convenient cord wrap (optional).
  • Compact Base: True

  • EZ4 Advantages
    1. 7-way LED illumination -this provides incident, oblique and transmitted light for high quality illumination and contrast of any application
    2. 4.4:1 Zoom, this zoom magnifies from 8x-35x and will provide you with high resolution images
    3. The Bright LED illumination in this student microscope will help institutions to save time and cost of replacement bulbs.
    4. The Greenough optical system in this student microscope will provide very flat and large depth of field 3D views.

    Installation Guide

    Cord Wrap Optional
    Dust Cover Included
    Eyepieces 10x, 16x Options
    Illuminator LED
    Lamp Life 25,000 hours