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Advanced Student or Instructor Grade Polarizing Microscope

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SKU: MT9200L

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  • The Meiji MT9200L is a Binocular LED Transmitted Light Polarizing Microscope with transmitted LED illumination is an investigative tool for isotropic and anisotropic materials.
  • Newly improved strain-free 8 Infinity Corrected Objectives ICOS Optical System and Abbe condenser. Transmitted LED Koehler illuminator and ceramic coated, 175mm diameter, ball bearing, circular rotating stage graduated 360°, with 1° increment and vernier reading to 0.1°. Intermediate tube with built-in analyzer and compensator slot and rotatable polarizer with full-wave plate.
  • A perfect instrument for geology, petrology, mineralogy, forensics, material science, manufacturing, crystallography, medical research, environmental science and industrial quality control and quality assurance applications.

    Detailed Specifications:
    1. Binocular head - Siedentopf type, inclined at 30°degrees with reticle angle compensation, Interpupillary adjustment 53mm to 75mm, graduated diopter on left eyetube. (23.2.0 mm I.D. eyetube).
    2. Super Widefield compensating KHW10X, focusing eyepiece with cross-line and guide pin, F.N. 20 are standard with 21mm reticle mount (Tube O.D. 23.2mm).
    3. KHW-10X Compensating eyepiece, F.N. 20 (each) (Tube O.D. 23.2mm) (qty#1).
    4. Strain free Plan objective 4X/N.A.0.10, W.D. 25.89mm, 10X/N.A.0.25, W.D. 7.3mm, 40XS/N.A.0.65, W.D. 0.72mm, 8 Infinity Corrected Objectives.
    5. Strain free Abbe condenser, N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm and dovetail mount.
    6. Rotatable stage with Vernier graduation 360° with Vernier, reading to 1°, 150mm diameter with stainless steel stage clips (Factory Installed).
    7. Coaxial coarse and fine focusing controls with graduation reading 2 microns power division. Incorporates tension adjustment and safety Auto-focus stage stop lever.
    8. Stainless steel Stage Clips (qty#2).
    9. 1/4 Wave-length test plate (Mica 147.3nm) for MT9000 Series (20mm x 6mm x 80mm)
    10. First-order red compensating plate for MT9000 Series (20mm x 6mm x 80mm) (530nm, also called Gypsum or Sensitive Tint Plate).
    11. Analyzer in sliding mount for MT9000 Series (26mm x 6mm x 80mm).
    12. Blue clear filter, 29.8mm diameter, unmounted, for transmitted light.
    13. 3W LED Bulb, 5500K color temperature (Factory-installed in LED models).
    14. Nosepieces centering screws (each) (qty# 2). Dust cover for MT9000 Series.
  • Trinocular version available - Please Contact US 
  • Installation Guide

    Dust Cover Included
    Eyepieces 4x, 10x, 40x
    Head Style Binocular
    Illuminator Bright LED Illuminator
    Stand Strain Free Koehler
    X/Y Stage Circular POL Stage