Our People

Our People

Microscope Hub is dedicated to providing high quality, reliable, brand name optical and digital inspection instruments at fair prices. We strive to make our website rich with content that will allow our customers to make the best product choice for their application while delivering that product in a risk free environment. We have a tremendous passion for microscopy, the technology behind it, and making it simple and easy to understand for everyone.

Headquartered in Fremont, California, the company's executive team and staff have over 30 years of combined microscopy experience at all levels. We are knowledgeable, customer driven, and take pride in providing our customers with the absolute best online experience possible

Our Community

At Microscope Hub we believe that brilliant scientists and engineers will be the architects of the innovation that will affect our world's future. These scientists and engineers are our children today. But how are we going to develop these kids into the Einsteins of the future?

If our kids have the tools to inspire them at an early age, they will more likely pursue careers in science. Ultimately these future scientists and engineers will drive the innovation that will create the changes needed to improve the quality of life all over the world.

We believe that we can contribute in a significant way through the 'iFuSE' program. 'iFuSe' is a way to 'Inspire Future Scientific Exploration'.

As our economy falters and creates even greater funding shortfalls, equipment for schools becomes more difficult, if not impossible, to acquire. How can we expect to train scientists without the tools required for training? We can't expect anything without the proper instruments. That's where Microscope Hub can help. We will offer purchase credits to anyone who is willing to trade-in an old microscope (broken or functional) for a new microscope purchased from our site.

These used, broken, and dysfunctional microscopes and imaging tools will be provided to the iFuSE program which will in-turn refurbish or repair the instruments and then provide them at no cost to K-12 schools.


  • Inspiring FUture Scientific Exploration
  • A program dedicated to educating our future scientists

For more information about this program and how you can receive purchase credits please email us at and use the word 'iFuSE' in the subject line.