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DNT - Dental or Small Animal Surgical Microscope (Demo Equipment)

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  • The Prima DNT Trainer was designed to deliver training and educational facilities the best in performance, ergonomics, and utilization of space. A MaxLite™ coated apochromatic magnichanger promises superior image fidelity and light homogeneity.
  • A compact design enables a lower center of gravity, ensuring a well balanced and vibration free dental microscope that won't monopolize workstations.
  • A super bright 50W LED produces a powerful yet cool field of illumination, with color temperature range closest to natural daylight. With a run time of 60,000 hours of bulb service life, bulb changes and storing spares are no longer a matter of concern.Electronics built directly into the swivel arm make the Prima DNT Trainer a compact solution.
  • An Apochromatic Galilean optical system produces sharp contrast and resolution at every step. Proprietary MaxLite™ sputtered coatings promise the highest degree of anti-reflective and anti-scratch properties, yielding artifact free and durable optics. Fine focusing control is provided through a range of long working distance CMOs.
  • The adjustable working distance NuVar™ objective is an optional accessory that provides fluid continuous working distance articulation from f300-400mm. The NuVar™ is the first objective of its kind to nearly eliminate light flares and artifacts while providing a working distance range, yielding a pristine image at all focal depths.
  • To address digital documentation needs, a host of digital SLR, video camera, and CCD adapters are available with the ProLine™ in addition to LABOMED's proprietary iVu S5 streamlined documentation solution.
  • An ergonomic Rotoplate and Extender Kit eliminates neck craning, making it comfortable to view hard-to-see regions of the mouth from a 9 and 3 o'clock seated position.
  • Installation Guide

    Eyepieces 10x
    Illuminator LED
    Lamp Life 60,000 hours
    Stand Floor Stand