Remote Teaching Kit for Educators, Professors, and Teachers

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If you are a science professor, teacher or educator, you are probably wondering how can your online teaching possibly be as effective as it was before the pandemic? Bring home a laboratory-grade teaching microscope and help your students learn at a  deeper level. You can now rent teaching microscopes and all of the accessories you need to fulfill remote learning requirements AND maintain a fun and engaging learning experience for you and your students. 

Our NEW Microscope Remote Teaching Kits are:

    • Cost effective for the institution
    • Easy and flexible comes with everything needed to start today

Your remote teaching kit comes with everything you need to get started today!


Through MicroscopeHub, we are offering an affordable monthly rental for microscopes so you can perform lab work from home.

    • Low monthly rates
    • Instruments in the program are flexible for use in basic biology, botany, horticulture, geology, and more
    • Microscopes are high quality, laboratory grade Leica instruments
    • Camera, software, and video instructions for setup included
    • Works with all online meeting apps
    • Mac and windows compatible
    • All payments apply toward optional purchase

Bring home a laboratory grade teaching microscope and help your students learn at a deeper level while minimizing the equipment expense for you and your institution.

* This program is available only to Students and Educators.