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Lab at Home Microscope Subscription Service

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Teachers and Students: rent a microscope month to month!

    • Hands-on learning experience from home with lab grade equipment
    • Cost effective for the institution and the student
    • Easy and flexible
Wondering how your online learning and teaching can be as effective as it was before the pandemic? Bring home a laboratory grade microscope for learning at a deeper level while minimizing the equipment expense for you.
Most high schools, two- and four-year institutions have opted for online learning. This is sustainable for lecture style courses, but is lacking when it comes to scientific courses that rely on lab work and equipment experience.

Hands-On Lab Experience at Home!

With a lab level instrument at home, students can have hands-on experience in a remote learning environment.

The biggest challenge here is not having enough instruments to accommodate all students. In addition, budget cuts will likely limit your school’s ability to provide additional equipment.


Introducing the Lab at Home Program

Through MicroscopeHub, we are offering an affordable monthly rental for microscopes so you can perform lab work from home.

    • All payments apply toward optional purchase
    • Low monthly rates
    • Instruments in the program are flexible for use in basic biology, botany, horticulture and more
    • For a nominal fee, your microscope can be configured for advanced courses like microbiology
    • Microscopes are laboratory grade and expected to last many years
    • Smart phone adapter and options for digital image sharing also available

* This program is available only to Students and Educators.

Microscopes for Educators and Lab Instructors

For the past several months, we have provided microscopes to educators/lab instructors with imaging capability that allows you to share relevant microscopic images in an entirely online experience. Zoom, WebEx and GoToMeeting are great for sharing visuals.

But in order to fully engage your students so they gain practical experience, they must be able to see and use the instruments as they would in a lab environment.

Benefits of the Lab from Home Microscope Rental Program

    • Laboratory grade instrument similar to what your school is already using
    • Reduces cleaning and sanitization by lab staff
    • Reduces the need for PPE
    • For colleges and universities, this program enables you to offer additional online classes and increase enrollment
    • Options for digital imaging enable student/educator interaction, remote testing and remote homework

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